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As you probably already know, the three major search engines in the world are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search results that are found on the first two pages of these search engines will definitely enhance the profitability of any company. Get the most out of your advertising dollars with a professionally designed Website on The Lake Charles Index.

We cannot guarantee that any of our websites will be permanently listed on the first two pages of search results. Since the search engines occasionally change their Algorithms which are used to determine how websites are listed in their search results, it would be absolutely impossible to guarantee that any website on the Lake Charles Index will maintain its current search results indefinitely. They may... or may not improve over a period of time.

Note: All of the searches were performed on a Dell desktop computer with the latest version of Google Chrome and Firefox. All Search History was deleted prior to making these searches. Only this method will provide accurate search results that are not influenced by previous searches. Various operating systems and internet browsers utilized on different brands of computers and cell phones may produce different results than those that we attained.

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