Start by giving me a call. I'm Ray Zimmerman and I am the owner of the Lake Charles Index. I am also the webdesigner who will be designing your website. Simply click on (337) 474-4635 to place your call automatically.
Nothing! I design all of our websites, regardless of size, for FREE. There are no design fees, no setup fees and no hidden charges.
For a limited time, we are providing 40% Off on a 3 year lease which normally runs $50 per month... which equates to only $30 per month after applying the 40% discount. Cheaper than a nice meal at a local restaurant!

You won't have to do a thing unless you really want to. I'll try to utilize any information that you provide. Please make sure that you email me a copy of your logo if you have one.
I will try to do anything within reason to be of service... which would include a basic logo if you don't already have one.
Generally speaking, your website will be fully operational within 7 days providing nothing unforeseen happens.
Yes... I will upload your website to a temporary website that I have on the Lake Charles Index so you can check my progress each day.
Certainly... anything that needs to be changed will be changed. You will have the final approval of the content and the images utilized.
The majority of the websites that I design are found on the first and second pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo's search results. I will do everything in my power to get you great search results, which includes registering your website with prominent search engines and business directories.
We would complete a questionnaire over the phone that will take about 10-15 minutes. I will record all of the information that you provide and then I will date it, print it, sign it and then I file it. This will then become a verbal contract between the two of us.
I created the Lake Charles Index in 2011, but I started designing websites fifteen years before that.
I work out of my home. I'm located in the Weaver Park Subdivision, which is near Barbe High School in Lake Charles, LA.
The Better Business Bureau rated the Lake Charles Index with an "A+" which is the best possible rating. I am not an "Accredited Member" because I do not financially support their organization.
All payments are made on the first of each month by ACH, which is similar to a bank draft. There is absolutely no expense on your part for this service. I have this set up through my bank.
After our phone call, I will create a Lease Agreement and an ACH Authorization. We will then meet at my home and I will review these documents with you. At that time, I will need a copy of a voided check. Once that is done, I will begin working on your website. Please give me a call and let's get started. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

"We Help Businesses Grow"

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